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A world of paper art and techniques: Origami, Gift boxes, Gift cards, Paper Jewellery, Marbled papers, Paste papers, Printed papers, Stamping, Itajime - Shibori, Suminagashi, Collage papers, Batiks, Recycling Basketry, Stenciling.

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domenica 12 ottobre 2014

Some details of the baskets

Making newspaper beads

Painting beads with acrylics

The base of a basket wrapped with tissue paper

weaving with newspaper tubes

A detail of a circular holder

Making details with quilling technique

Weaving the baskets

Preparing bases of baskets

Preparing the newsprint tubes for basketry

giovedì 9 ottobre 2014

Eco Basketry (Twelve)

This time I want to show a set of bottle holders made ​​with the technique of newsprint tubes weaving. The bases of each one were made with old CD's, placing between them the newsprint tubes of the framework. For the green and yellow bottle holder it was also used some newsprint beads which were placed during the weaving process.These bottle holders can be used for bottles of 1 L or 1.5 L.

Eco Basketry (Eleven)

This pink and white basket was made using the alternation of white and pink newsprint tubes, obtaining the pattern with checkerboard effect. The base was made using two heavy cardboards wrapped with gift paper. Between the cardboards were placed the newsprint tubes to form the framework for the weaving process. The dimensions of the basket are about 35cm x 15cm x 25cm.

Eco Basketry (Ten)

This basket was made using a triple braid weaving effect on the border. This braid was woven with two colors thanks to the framework which was made with couples of newsprint tubes. This triple braid gives to the basket more strength.

Eco Basketry (Nine)

This basket has two fundamental details. The first is that it has been left unbraided an area to give the effect of a larger space; The second effect is the clousure braid on top. This is a triple braid that particularly develops from the inside toward the outside of the basket, giving an effect of overflow. The base of the basket was wrapped with Varese's paper, that commonly is used to cover the inside of vintage wood furnitures.

Eco Basketry (Eight)

This basket was inspired in the landscapes of Amalfi's Coast here in South Italy. This place is well known for its blue sky and blue sea! It is the land of the most wonderful lemons in the world, used in fine gastronomy and for the production of Limoncello! The base of the basket is wrapped with tissue remembering Amalfi's lemons.

Eco Basketry (Seven)

This basket is woven using the (as I call) forward - backward technique, causing the blurring effect that can be observed as zigzag in white strands. Additionally, these strands have been alternated with green ones to achieve the effect of green spaces in a row of white spaces. If  you switch the alternation of the strands, you can achieve a checkerboard effect, as may be seen in some basket which I'll publish later. Click HERE  to go to the post with this effect.

Eco Basketry (Six)