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A world of paper art and techniques: Origami, Gift boxes, Gift cards, Paper Jewellery, Marbled papers, Paste papers, Printed papers, Stamping, Itajime - Shibori, Suminagashi, Collage papers, Batiks, Recycling Basketry, Stenciling.

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giovedì 10 novembre 2011

Fantasy Patterns - Part III

Imagination - Tiles - Patterns - Inks... This is the path to follow. We are already in November, 2011 is reaching to its end... This blog is reaching its 3th month! Its still so young, still a baby! but with a lot of energy, colors, ideas and creativity. It is growing day after day thanks to your contribution, visiting it, commenting the posts... 53 countries all around the world knowing about this art, painted paper art... What about the future?!. Well, very promising! with lots of ideas! With a big load of energy!... Thank you to all!... 

mercoledì 9 novembre 2011

Fantasy Patterns - Part II

Painting papers with geometrical motifs is really a wonderful idea! You can paint whatever you think in a wide range of patterns and colors! You only need a relax moment and make your imagination to go!. This is a part of my work this week. The background for these papers were made with paste painting technique, and the motifs were done with natural inks! So two different techniques into one piece of paper!.

sabato 5 novembre 2011

Fantasy Patterns - Natural Inks.

Today I show my latest work in the last two days. In this opportunity I've made fantasy patterns, as water lilly leaves, and spirals. The next week it will be the last working week, because I'll be preparing my schedule and materials for the 29th ITALIAN ORIGAMI CONVENTION (CDO) that will be held at Tabiano Bagni, from 8th-11th december. I will bring my painted papers to this Convention.

venerdì 4 novembre 2011

Painted Tiles with Natural Inks - Part II

Here there is a classical tile pattern of alternated crossed lines. As the last works, this is painted with natural inks freehand. Time ago I've done this patterns also with pastepainting technique. Each one has their own peauty. This one made with fine brushes gives to the papers some delicate appeal.

giovedì 3 novembre 2011

Painted Tiles with natural inks - Part I.

I love geometrical forms, and when I think on it, the first that comes to my mind are TILES... Their sequence, their repetitions, many kinds of forms and arrangements. There is inside them a strange mistery of art, different interpretations, all inside the forms, the way you can see them... Here I show the first part of my painted papers with a particular tile pattern that I've called CROSSED SIGNALS. Hope you all like them. 

NOTHING of these patterns was done with rules, all is done freehand, the grids, the tiles, all...

I want to ask to you (all my blog readers and visitors) to tell me and show me if you have any particular tile you want to be painted into paper. I will be pleased to try your suggestions!

mercoledì 2 novembre 2011

"Movement" collection I

In this month of  November I continue to create painted papers using natural inks! They offer high versatility and allows me to get so many patterns, combining the different color tones in a harmonious way.

In this opportunity I am presenting a small part of the collection which I called "Movement". It is composed of several patterns that give a dynamic sense, sometimes gently, others with chaos.

These two examples invite us to think to the wind in its wavy feelling, moving hair in a breeze, or the waves on the water caressed by the wind.