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martedì 12 marzo 2013

Flanged Pottery Ideas

I think that this image talk by itself about the idea of doing origami flanged pottery... Many authors around the world use this technique to fold pots, cups, dishes and many other kind of pottery... There are several ways to draw the crease patterns... There is a software created by Jun Mitani that does the CP and the 3D rendering of the model. By the way, if you understand a bit the mathematics and geometry behind this kind of works, you can use also software like Mathematica and AutoCAD to create your own models. I prefer this way, it's very simple to create them!. Mr. Robert Lang also created  some apps that needs Mathematica software to run and you can create this kind of folds... so, you can choose the better way according to your needs... The idea is reflected in this pic.

Be patient and take a great cup of coffee!! It will bring to you a very good moment during your work!!

I will try soon to show a kind of tutorial about this work. Stay tuned!!

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