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domenica 12 gennaio 2014

Itajime applied to paper (The process).

Itajime is an ancient Japanese dye technique used to dye cloth. It is well known that this concept can be applied onto paper to obtain gorgeous patterns and effects. Obviously, in this case it is hard to execute the same steps as on clothes, for example it is very difficult to wrap or twist paper as you can do with a t-shirt or a piece of silk, etc. 

When you decide to use papers, it is important to choose the right kind of it, because in the process it is needed  to make folds, and the paper will be soaked with lot of liquid containing inks. The better papers to use are natural fiber as lokta, mulberry, Unryu, kozo, rice paper,but you can also use standard copy paper as I've done.

 Basically, the process consists on folding a piece of paper (square or rectangular)  into a variety of shapes, like triangular and rectangular, all of them incorporating an accordion pattern. It can be used a variety of resists in the process of diffusion of ink through the paper fibers, in my case I used clothespins.

Try to crumple the sheets of papers before you fold them, as I've done. This can give to the final papers a new appearance. Once you dipped borders and points into different inks, let rour pieces dry a bit, then carefully open them and let dry very well.

When the papers are very well dried you can proceed to iron them putting each sheet between two pieces of cotton cloth to protect them against the direct heating of the iron. Finally, you can coat the sheets back and forth using a mix of water and white glue used for papercrafts, making dry very well them.

The next pics show you some phases of the process to do this inking technique! So try your own, and let flow inks!

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