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martedì 11 ottobre 2011

Markov on the Moon.

If you ever look carefully at the moon, you will see that there are bright lines that run from pole to pole. On this particular, there is a short story that I want to share with you:

When my mother and my father were children (and this happened long time ago in the earliest 1930 - 1940) it was said that there was a man named Markov. He went on the moon and he stole some straw ... While he escaped carrying the straw on his shoulders, some of it was dropped on the way. The rays of sun lit up this straw and made it bright as gold and could be seen from all sides of the Earth... From there came the story of the signs on the moon ...

Remembering this story, today I want to share with you an origami model of the moon by Atuko Kawai and folded by me, which I wanted to paint in shades of gold, recalling that straw ... and the face of the moon, remembering the Markov's face ...


Si alguna vez miran a la luna con detalle, veran que hay lineas brillantes que la recorren de polo a polo. Sobre este particular, hay una pequeña historia que quiero comartirles: 

Cuando mi madre y mi padre eran niños (y de esto ya hace mucho tiempo a principios de 1930 - 1940) se decia que habia un hombre llamado Markov. El fue a la luna y robo algo de paja... Mientras escapaba llevando sobre sus espaldas la paja, algo de ella cayo por el camino. Los rayos de sol iluminaban la paja y la hicieron brillar como oro y podia ser vista desde cualquier lado de la Tierra... Desde alli, viene la historia de los signos sobre la luna...

Recordando esta historia, hoy quiero compartir con ustedes un modelo en origami de la luna de Atuko Kawai y plegado por mi, que he querido pintar con difuminaciones de oro, recordando la paja... Y la cara de la luna, recordando la cara de Markov... 

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  1. What a wonderful story and origami model! Thank you for showing and telling us the story. :)

  2. thanks to you, for your support with your comments!


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