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venerdì 14 ottobre 2011

Paint Mixing Tool.

When you need to select colors for a paint work, and don't have much experience, you go through the internet seeking for a good tool thats help you in your trouble. Then you see that there are lots and lots of pages, articles, color palettes pics, and many other things. Then the first big doubt is about what is the best choice?... Try to search and you will be in agree with me!.
Reading a bit into the field of color theory, you can learn that one thing are the mixing color palettes for LIGHT COLORS, and another thing are the mixing palettes for PAINT COLORS... Then, if you don't be careful you can make a mistake using one palette with other purpose!.

Mixing color world is bigger than you can imagine! For example, consider the fact that, if you are talking about mixing oil paints or acrylic paints or watercolors, inks, dyes, crayons, etc, each one of them brings different results even you are using the same colors!! This is due the medium used to make each kind of paint and also it depends on the pigments, because them are very different for each type of paint!.

Another variable that you need to consider is the support for the paint (in this case the paper). There are white papers and also colored! Then, the original color of the paper interacts with the final color you want to obtain!.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider ni the moment you are preparing colors for your art work. Then be patient!. Make experiments, take notes and go!

Searching on the internet I've found a javascript tool which I consider is very powerful, because it refers to PAINT MIXTURES!. I've added it in a page of my blog. You can find it clicking here: "Paint Mixing Tool". You can see that is very easy to use and is a very very close approach to real colors that can be obtained with real paints. Please read the brief explanations to undestand the use of this tool. Experiment with it, and of course, comment!

The CREDITS for this tool are of:

Stephen Chapman, About.com's Javascript Guide.

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